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Instrument Repair Services

Decades of experience in maintaining instruments in optimal playing condition have provided Alexander with the skills and knowledge to repair a number of musical instruments.  

If you have an instrument that needs help, Alexander is happy to help you get your instrument back in optimum condition.  Just click the contact button below.

Repair services available for...


Sitar, Dilruba, Surbahar, Sarod, Tampura, Santoor and other North Indian string instruments.


Indian Harmonium full servicing and fine tuning.


Indian Tabla reheading and fine tuning.


Hand drum (natural skinned) reheading and structural repairs - Djembe, ashiko, djun djun, doumbek, frame drum, tamborine, riq, conga, bodhran, and many more.

Alexander can repair many traditional or ethnic instruments of all types from all over the world.  Just ASK!

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